Google at Barcelona

With my current companions at the university some ideas have grown. One of them is a current blog created by Ludo and called Google at Barcelona. In this blog he discusses if Google must create a new office in Barcelona.

Some students and Ludo gave their ideas about the matter. I have an opinion about that and I'll give it with a few lines.

The idea of Google coming to Barcelona it’s not a bad idea at all. It’ll be a good impulse for the technological development that has suffered the city in few years, and maybe if Google comes a lot more enterprises will come either. And if this happens we’ll have for sure lot more good companies to join, because as Pigui said, the actual work offers in Barcelona are more centred in Consulting that in Developing or Project Direction, and for me and lot more, Consulting is not an option it’ll be a lot more interesting to have other type of projects to join.

But what I think is that it’ll be very difficult for Google to come to Barcelona. In my opinion Google won’t come to Barcelona if he has no good previsions of benefits. It won’t come only because we have a lot of good Computing Engineers, the usual behaviour of the company is to import people to their existing laboratories not to create new ones. But what Google do is buy enterprises, when someone comes with a new and good idea and succeeds with a project Google put their eyes on him. Eventually Google will try to buy it if the idea and the business previsions are good enough. That’s in my opinion the path to follow if we want Google to come here, we must make a good carrot to make de bunny get out of his den and begin a good relation, with future grown of the company and Google.

That's all my friends!

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Anònim ha dit...

I agree with your view that Google may not come to Barcelona only because there are a lot of good computer engineers. The incentive you mention, of them buying over a company with a good idea, is a true one. So maybe that is the next goal - to form a start-up in Barcelona that Google will be interested in :-)